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Alex Hsie (they/them) is a highly skilled staff Production Manager at Vox Media Studios, adept at liaising with, onboarding, and guiding freelancers throughout show runs while ensuring strict adherence to VMS policies and procedures. With a wealth of experience spanning over a decade in production, Alex effectively serves as an in-the-field Production Manager whenever the need arises.

Their passion for filmmaking has driven them to excel in various roles, including Producer, Line Producer, Production Management, Creative Consulting, and Writing. Demonstrating an impressive versatility, Alex has explored and mastered diverse disciplines of video production, ranging from agency production and branded content to editorial, digital photo, and indie film.

Drawn to high-caliber projects that demand strong leadership, self-discipline, and meticulous attention to detail, Alex is committed to being a consummate collaborative partner for clients and teams alike. Their professional demeanor and dedication contribute to fostering a productive and harmonious working environment, where creativity and teamwork flourish.

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